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LoopNet is the most heavily trafficked online commercial real estate marketplace. LoopNet offers detailed information about for-lease and for-sale commercial property listings, as well as businesses-for-sale listings in the United States and Canada. As of July 2020, LoopNet had more than 7.6 million unique monthly visitors.

An angry customer named FARHAD D. Wrote this review at sitejabber,In the date of 3/28/2020 They lie and deceive you. They told me 3 months would cost 118 dollars a month or annually would cost less. I agreed for 3 months and paid higher Price. They charged my credit card for 6 months and when I catch them stealing, they told me they could cancel my subscription but would not credit me back. You should put your alarm to cancel your membership right at 90 days otherwise they would charge you forever.


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Lack of leadership & accountability, difficult to promote, lack of mentorship or moral support, lackluster projects"

Territory Manager says

"CoStar is trying to slowly kill LoopNet off by stripping features, over pricing them, and doing nothing to advance content.There is a culture of workplace bullying that basically changes or forces you out with no corporate oversight. Good salesmen get to do whatever they want without consequence. Stale leads. Bad pay for the Bay Area."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"You won't learn much here, you won't get promoted, they don't value innovation, they just copy what every one else is doing"

Current Employee - Territory Manager says

"The direction of this office is completely unclear. The management team put in place to motivate the team to sell more is disturbingly incompetent and lacks the people skills to connect with their teams to push them forward. When team members try to give them advice on ways to improve, this advice is just met with biting remarks on how the sales teams are incompetent. Even though they speak highly of accountability, they refuse to accept any for their actions. The management team is unable to handle, process, and adapt to the acquisition changes quick enough to create a successful environment."

Former Employee - Territory Manager says

"However, recently Costar bought Loopnet out. Since that time, things have really tanked. Other sales reps are a lot of times not 100% clear with the length of term that they are selling and will sneak in the fact that users are signing up for an annual contract. As long as you are a top performer, it seems like mid level management will turn a deaf ear to these tactics. Most of the con comes from the way the senior management treats employees. Back in January, a handful of employees were laid off with no warning whatsoever, even though they had hit their goal the previous months before. When asked for an explanation, the only answer received was "performance issue." Last week, we encountered a price increase with no warning to the sales reps whatsoever. The price of the service has doubled in the last 6 months even though the service has plateaued. Furthermore, the management gives us absolutely no edge to sell over the online price. In fact, there are some services that are less expensive online than through the sales team. No wonder people are lying...they have to manipulate the service in order to get credit for their sales. While I enjoyed my time at Loopnet prior to the merger, Costar is the big bully at the playground. They are corporate, cutthroat, and not a company you will enjoy. There are better companies to work for out there."

Territory Sales Representative says

"This job is a telemarketing position. You will be calling people on their cell phones during dinner asking for their credit card number."


"Management treat their entry level employees like children esp Sales dept. If you clock in even 2 minutes late, expect a warning coming! They over sell the positions, once you're hired - the "ugly truth" comes out. Feels like a sweat shop factory except you are infront of a computer all day."

Territory Representative says

"- low pay, very low - very high turnover - clocking in on your phone every morning and night - little opportunity for significant pay raise - terrible product"


"nepotism. Everyone is related to everyone and unless you're related somehow good luck getting by here. This is where you go when you have a lobotomy and you no longer need your brain. You won't learn anything here unless you go out and do it on your own."

Former Employee - Manager says

"Culture has been destroyed since the merger."

Technical Support (Former Employee) says

"Lots of backstabbing, treat their sales people poorly....even when they make or exceed their numbers. Pay is barely livable.not muchbackstabbing, politics, favoritism"

PRODUCT MANAGER (Former Employee) says

"Hard to believe it is a tech company. All the change requests come from top. Have very weak product vision and support. It is a one man show in general.work life balanceno support, guidance or promotion"

Employee (Current Employee) says

"The company as a whole is stuck in the dark ages when it comes to how it operates. They lure in candidates with beautiful offices and decent benefits but they underpay and typically overwork their employees. Very often, projects or tasks are rushed through with no context rather than allowing things to be thoroughly completed. The internal tools used are comically old and outdated.Decent benefitsLow pay, no morale"

Corporate Trainer (Former Employee) says

"The culture is fun and exciting. With a younger staff, there is always an air of enjoyment. Make one mistake on your journey to learn new things and the management will turn on you. Getting back in graces is impossible and favoritism is everywhere."

Sr. Territory Manager (Former Employee) says

"Great start-up environment, fast-paced and lively. Not many programs to facilitate career advancement though. Huge shift in company culture post-acquisition, not much support for transitions."

Territory Representative (Current Employee) says

"Very strict company, though I did learn how to become a successful account manager"

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